Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So-called Pajamas Media

Here's an example cited by David Corn one of the few liberal bloggers joining this brainchild of novelist and screenwriter Roger Simon. I mention these admirable credentials as prima facie evidence of a background in fiction, not reporting. Michael Crichton is not doing very well in the factual reporting department either as I've shown, but here's more reason to suspect anything these ideologues write.

Corn writes, "The second top story on OSM is a piece on a "transvestite turbot, a sexually altered fish found off the coast of California. AP reports that scientists worry this was caused by sewage dumped into the ocean. But OSM points to blogger Mike Silverman who says the "strange mutation was likely caused by the California legislature voting earlier this ear to legalize same-sex marriage."

Let's see here scientists and sources for the AP, or this Silverman, who is? That's a real tough choice.

It's just this sort ignorant mocking of science that makes these wingervillains supect and not credible. If anyone can point that out it's Corn and Marc Cooper and I for one hope they will.


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