Monday, November 14, 2005

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Science hero Dr. James Hansen of NASA responds to the charges of Michael "State of Fear" Crichton and FOX NEWS Steven Milloy the author of the Junk Science Judo column where he accuses Hansen of being 300 percent off on his 1988 global temperature predictions.

"But Dr. Hansen's predictions of global temperature increases have also been famously wrong," Milloy writes in his deriding column on The Rolling Stone environmental heroes. "While Dr. Hansen predicted a 0.34 degrees Centigrade rise in average global temperatures during the 1990s, actual surface temperatures rose by only one-third as much ( 0.11 degrees Centigrade) and lower atmosphere temperatures actually declined. At least the real Paul Revere was right -- the British did come."

Wrong. Dead wrong and as we've seen around here lately actually fraudulent.

"Actually, the predictions were right on the money. This misrepresentation probably came from Crichton's book, who took it from Pat Michaels, perhaps without realizing that Pat Michaels was being deceitful if not downright dishonest," Hansen says.
Hansen writes in an e-mail here in a paper written for the Senate hearings held by flat-earth senator James Imhoffe who uses Crichton as a defense against, get this, our own government climate scientists. As Hansen explains in the report he outlined three scenarios A-high, B-medium and C-low depending on variables and the predictions resembled his B prediction. Murphy tossed all but the least likely level of temperature increase and Crichton bit hook, line and sinker. Then come the propagandists.

This is the right wing in all their unsdeserved glory. Make that infamy.

Take a look.


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