Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Big Time

When you happen to be GM Roper an instructor and counselor at this small Texas school I guess you just go ahead and poke fun at us poor souls relegated to going to, and graduating from large, public universities like CSUN, if of course they happen to be in liberal California. Well, I have Arnold's signature on mine. Just think of the perfect storm of fate that took. I mean geez Edinberg Texas is what everyone shoots for.

I feel sorry for this old man. He chooses to lie about others' resumes based on accusations from wingnut blogs. I mean we know how well they check their facts. The idea is to smear and run. Manners of the left are lacking they claim over there in Roperville. Well, we've seen the manners exhibited by this crowd in the hinterlands and in Washington. The writing's on the wall, and it says oops, caught in the act of policy deception. Character assasination is the SOP for this crowd.

I've posted my whole career info right here for anyone to look for themselves, but the science courses, collateral field, and minors according to CSUN policy aren't listed on the diploma. That's the policy. The transcript tells the tale of 85 semester hours of biological sciences and a career as a field biologist spanning three decades working under three presidents of both parties. I'll stand on those grounds over a psychologist/instructor/counselor and bloviator when it comes to knowledge about science. Psychology is a social science and is very inexact. We've seen the result of that inexactness when trying to attack physical scientists in the employ of government agencies who have concluded global warming is real and in effect.

So, to put a finer point on this assault on truth in the manner of GM Roper is to compare Columbia U. and NASA (Dr. James Hansen) with a an instructor at U. Texas-Edinburgh. In this light CSUN (me) looks quite good.


Blogger Woody said...

Mark, would it be asking too much of you to add GM's Corner to your list of recommended blogs?

5:53 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Yes, since I don't recommend anything either one of you say. I mean I have my standards as you can see from the short list I do endorse. I find yours juvenile, gutteral and in some instances vitriolic.

6:28 PM  

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