Sunday, November 13, 2005

Two Questions

"What is the relationship between conservative and conservation? What is the relationship between liberal and liberty?"

These are pertinent. In the first case nothing. They only seek to conserve resources for their own to exploit and profit from then, move on to the next all at the public expense. It is robber baronism at its worst. We don't believe that is either moral or wise and the history backs us up. We are the conservationists, but the door is open.

On the second issue we were always the party of liberals since in 1775 liberal thought fought squarely on the side of freedom and liberty against tyrannical conservative England and their Tory backers. After victory the rift continued and does so to this day. Jefferson versus Adams and Hamilton.

I think Jimmy Carter's new book lays this out very well. The problems in the world today stem from regimes that are too conservative not too liberal. Liberalism from the West is the answer. That doesn't mean anything goes, only that nothing of value is eliminated by dogmatic ideology. Only by casting the biggest net can the best ideas emerge. The other side's position is too narrow and not open enough to find anything but its own relatives. In biology, that's the ticket to oblivion.


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