Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Response To Roper

People responded at realclimate to the assertion by Roper in the form of Dr. James O' Brien. As we could have predicted it's misrepresentation of the studies cited.

In closing the commenter notes,"Finally the statement " In order to double sealevel, one would expect to observe an increased rate of rise by 2002" pre-supposes a linear response. I'm just an amateur but even I understande the fatuity of such a supposition. It is entriely reasonable to expect non-linear behaviour in climate and it's facets. I'm not sure what doubling sea level actually means, but I wouldn't have thought that a doubling of rate of increase for this century over the last is inherently improbable.

Is this really a statement by "Dr. James J. O'Brien, Director, Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)"? Because on face view I wouldn't let the man who made these statements near my plumbing let alone allow him to make climate predictions."

Yes it's him alright. "Furthermore I doubt if any worthy policy maker would rely upon an unattributed story in the Tallahassee Democrat, whatever that may be."


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