Wednesday, November 16, 2005

O'Brien et al

A little background on the experts cited by naysayer wingerbloggers. It's as usual.
"FYI, O'Brien is the Florida State Climatologist and as such is a member of the American Association of State Climatologists, which if we go by the public statements of its members comes very close to being a skeptic/contrarian network. In addition to O'Brien, members include Pat Michaels (Virginia), Roger Pielke Sr. (Colorado) and George Taylor (Oregon). It's hard to locate the qualifications for many of them, but some are very much not climatologists despite the their titles (e.g. George Taylor, who has a masters in meteorology and whose peer-reviewed publications appear to be limited to Oregon-centric weather issues; this does not prevent him from calling himself a climatologist and taking a prominent public role as a climate expert, something he most assuredly is not). That said, the majority of state climatologists don't appear to participate in the public skeptic stuff, even though they must be constantly lobbied to do so by some of the other members."

Comment by Steve Bloom But then as we've seen they think Realclimate is political and only accept their own sources. Life is tough in the coccoon. Truth never makes it through the mental firewall.


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