Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mrs. Whippee, Fire up the Way Back Machine

Gov. Palin is pro-life but anti-nature, which as a biologist I find puzzling, but in the course of human events one credo rules: follow the money. Left to their own devices people in power will take the money, and the future be damned. Palin even prays for it at revivals. Once higher powers tell leaders what to wish for, there’s trouble afoot. In this case a national problem. As Sherman in the cartoon once said, Mrs. Whippee, fire up the way back machine.

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Blogger Woody said...

I read in your paper that taxes were raised to build an "Underpass to Nowhere."

11:10 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

That's right but nowhere is relative. Half the town lives over there. No one ever sucked more federal money than Palin save for her mentor Ted Stevens. She's a money pit for the taxpayers, as long as her friends are involved. So GOP!

11:16 AM  

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