Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hail to the Vice-Chief

Palin Biography Well it's not a vanity press, but close. An MFA credentialed writer penned the Palin book about her former mayor and neighbor in Wasilla, Alaska. A place almost nonexistent in 1975 when I first went to Alaska. Regardless of experience, once someone is a governor of any state in the union all bets are off as to the next leap. Sometimes getting there is the ball game. Palin's views are decidedly flat-earth. She typifies the wrong-headed selfishness of the GOP. Me, me, me, take, take, take; the selfishness of large out of control families akin to those found in third world countries. Of course that's what Alaska is, and most residents live like it too. A handful don't and they are hooked to Ted Steven's beleagered wagon. This governor is just the latest. Follow the money.

Unlike Democrats, who get saddled with charges that aren't even true, crimes that are don't stick to the GOP. At least not since Watergate.

If I were Obama/Biden, I'd worry. I'd worry a lot. Clinton should have been the nominee, and at least the VP.



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