Thursday, January 25, 2007

Phaeton's Reins

Kerry Emanuel of MIT has published this pop article on global climate change, and man's role.
In Greek mythology, the scorching heat of Africa and the burnt skin of its inhabitants were attributed to Phaeton, an offspring of the sun god Helios, who, having lost a wager to his son, was obliged to allow him to drive the sun chariot across the sky. In this primal environmental catastrophe, Phaeton lost control and fried the earth, killing himself in the process.
There is some controversy about his "he said she said" political operative blame. Who were the radicals who influenced which scientists? We know who the denialists are and who funds them, so this is an attempt at false balance in my view. Still, the article makes many of the solid points which support our increasing influence on natural systems.



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