Monday, January 22, 2007

Review of "Against a Rapid Stream"

The Unsung Critic weighs in.
In case you’ve forgotten, my blog also features reviews for unpublished books as well as undiscovered screenplays, and out of the 100+ queries I’ve received, only one was for a book manuscript…and not just any book, but a nonfiction book! Enter my first official review for 2007…

AGAINST A RAPID STREAM “With Arnold 1775”: Major Reuben Colburn, Benedict Arnold, George Washington and the March to Quebec
by Mark A. York
I never thought to Gonzo myself into my family tale as it takes place in 1775 to 1857, but there is no predicting what readers might want in a story. I can only offer the stories as I envision them. That said, this is a good review. Now, will producers call?



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