Sunday, December 03, 2006

Saving NH Fish & Game

Living "free or die" doesn't always pay the bills. I worked for the department in Concord back in 1987 when John Sununu tried to upset the apple cart. Since I was temporary help it had no effect on me, but it made for entertaining meetings.
What can N.H. Fish and Game do to get on firm financial footing? As a stopgap measure, we've asked Governor Lynch to put $1.6 million per year of General Fund revenue into the Fish and Game budget in FY2008 and 2009. Without these funds as a temporary fix, we will have to lay off as many as 28 full-time workers and eliminate 36 part-time positions, as well as closing hatcheries and regional offices, dramatically reducing our ability to serve New Hampshire.
They're good dedicated people, but secondary in priority just like the animals they manage. This is an example of yet another conservative approach that doesn't work. Gee, it's getting crowded in that department.


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