Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Mail

Fan mail from POD-land courtesy of cyberstalker "Zack Shutt" a POD troll from Utah on his way to jail if he keeps this up.
Way to be aggresive Brian Dennehy, get a new vocabulary and grow some balls while you're at it.

You're some old guy sitting in his living room watching porn, clipping coupons, and writing the local paper's editorial section every afternoon. [ Ah no I don't do any of those activities} You must be severly disturbed Mark, I don't know how you be this far along in life and not realize you're the person nobody can stand. [Opinion, unsubstantiated] The person nobody likes. [The person those averse to truth detest to be sure although in limted numbers] The person that's always complaining at a resturant, forcing the rest of us to kick your ass.[No. I never go to a restaurant where this would be necessary.]

You're the pussy that everyone hates, and it's about time you realized it.[It isn't me going to others' blogs and calling the owner names] You're a troll Mark: you've been told so on a dozens of different blogs, even forcing Potty Mouth to shut down her comments section. [No it was the self-published shills who did this not I. Moreover I'm not anonymous. Trolls always are.]You never stop, do you? [No I don't. This is an opinion site moron.] Will you ever realize that you are probably the most annoying and mentally unstable person on the web? [Opinion. Competition is fierce. mY stabilty is on better footing than troll stalkers I assure you] Someone needs to take your mouse away from you.[Try it bucko.]

To sum it up. Go F*#$ yourself and the goat you rode in on.


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