Monday, November 27, 2006

History Review

There isn’t a Viet Nam veteran alive who doesn’t think the war was lost in the media, if Adrian Cronhauer is the source. In fact, John Kerry is the only one who isn’t on that team. There are good reasons for giving up on that effort and China is one. According to the facts, we won the the Tet Offensive but lost the war. What’s the explanation for this? Anyone?

From the comments at Marc Cooper's:

“the U.S. has supported wars that smashed up Afghanistan, which is now a failed state”

Ahem… Check the archives of the New York Times. “If you’re thinking of bombing this country back to the stone age, please be advised, it’s already there.”

And at the hands of the Taliban a priori. There’s no either/or here. There’s only “both eyes blind” syndrome. Just read Cooper's blog to see it. Yeah, we broke a broken state, that harbored nuts who attacked us. That doesn't describe Iraq, which was also a failed state in its own right, but one we should have left to stew in its own ethnic juices as it is now. Too late for that.


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