Sunday, December 24, 2006

The real Scaremonguers

"The ice is melting and the lower laying areas of the world are about to be innundated."

This quote is often repeated in Wingerville and illustrates how political propaganda works. The key qualifier is "about to be..." Wingnuts from FOX News and the like need this in order to devert from reality e.g. global warming is indeed happening and observable on many fronts, to a "scaremonguering liberal" screed.

"Mr. Stephanopoulos pointed out that many scientists are debating some of the things Mr. Gore says are about to happen because of global warming. Then, Mr. Gore did an immediate about face and admitted that scientists "don't know... They just don't know."

"It turns out that the real experts -- folks who’ve spent their lives studying glaciers, and temperatures and storms -- are a lot less sure about what’s going to happen."

They're in fact fairly certain what will happen if nothing is done to curb CO2 emissions. And they're certain what's happening now and what and who is responsible. Crtics just don't want to believe it for self-interested reasoning and business dogmative beliefs. One doesn't need absolute certainty, which is never attained in science in any event, "to know which way the wind blows."

When you don't have the facts, well, divert attention and personal attacks are the only course left. Republicans do this well. But the days of wine and roses are over for James Imhofe and his flat earth ilk. They will have a hangover for some time to come. Reality's a bitch and Al Gore didn't invent it.


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