Monday, December 18, 2006

It's an American Genocide!

This is what folks on the deluded far-left believe was done to the American Indian. But that ignores the fact that the tribes are still here. How could that be under such an assumption?
But we need much more where this came from. [comparison to Native Americans] The lack of this is, I think, what has caused so much ill-will towards us among Iraqis. Only when they hear the United States constantly comparing them to Native Americans will they understand how truly glorious the future we have planned for them is.
From the dazed and confused files of Patrick Nielsen-Hayden. And yes the last name amalgam comes from her.

Perhaps if they'd spent less time ridiculing my ancestry they'd know about Natanis and Sabatis Reuben Colburn's Abenaki scouts fighting on the American side. Yeah that spoils the propaganda fallacy. This is exactly what Woolsey was talking about in his Vanity Fair article. Talk about dim bulbs. It was the 6th Cavalry in Arizona not the 7th but that doesn't interfere with the comparison in this case.


Blogger Peter L. Winkler said...

"But that ignores the fact that the tribes are still here."

My mother survived internment in Auschwitz, my father's entire family was exterminated by the Nazi-controlled Hungarian government.

That they and others survived doesn't prove there wasn't a Final Solution, only that the Nazis didn't have time to finish what they started.

After the Civil War, it was the policy of the US, implemented by the Army, to reduce the populations of Indian tribes and confine the remainder to reservations.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Well Peter, my father liberated Buchenwald you'll be happy to hear I'm certain, but this is a bit of a straw man in this case. The tribes are indeed all here in some capacity. Were that the case here we've had plenty of time to finish the job. Instead we have a management bureaucracy and they have a good deal more of their ancestral lands than I do of mine. Some generals of the time, like General Crook championed the Apache's cause so wholesale slaughter isn't the Final Solution at all. Unlike the Jews of your anecestral home, the indigenous tribes of the America's were fierce warriors engaged in brutal guerrilla warfare. Counting coups ain't pretty anyway you cut it, pardon the phraseology. But I take your point.

3:46 PM  

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