Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Differently-Abled

I'll say. I've been having a political discussion with Teresa Nielsen-Hayden of Tom Doherty & Associates publishing company, a sci-fi and "historical novels rejected by big houses" house, who is a big war critic. So am I, but that makes no difference to this partisan crowd. According to her "I'm a liar" for not wanting to string up Rumsfeld to the nearest tree. And for calling myself a Liberal Democrat. Blasphemer!Hang em high or get out of MY town pardner. Very well, but don't blame it on my perceived bad behavior for disagreeing with this hard-left stance.
You get thrown off both for the same reason: inappropriate and offensive behavior. You can take it as fact or you can ignore the fact, but it'll still be a fact all the same.
"Offensive" to extreme views is anything anti-confirmational to the group view.

This is easy for her or anyone to say once the evidence has been erased as they always do. Once that happens anyone can be accused of anything. Once accused one must be guilty of cussing or incivility for which the bar has been lowered selectively lower for those of a different opinion than the "community." My initial comment her was I thought hanging Rummy was a legal non-starter. Sci-fi lawyer on retainer Charlie Petit had explain why to the lynch mob at Making Light. They didn't buy it. Partisans never do. It's easier to lynch the messenger. Predicted. Confirmed. Scientific. The problem with forums is written posts critical to ideas bring ridicule. Arguing one's views with passion always comes off as anger, since challenge to fastheld positions must be the work of Evil, lest one actually examine then.

From my inbox which she entered first:

"Very well, then; since you have once again failed to grasp that you were thrown out for your bad manners, not for your political views, I'll oblige you: You're stupid. Fleabrained. A dullard. Devoid of wit. Thick as two short planks. Dim-witted. Not the sharpest hammer in the bag. A complete dunce." Teresa Nielen-Hayden

Yes this is very erudite. And "civil."

But it's not just me in TNH's gunsights. From the archives commenting on Lewis Perdue losing his publisher, the very same TOR. That's the sort of empathy I lack apparently. Good thing because "kick them when they're down" isn't in my ethics bag.


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