Friday, December 22, 2006

Global Warming for Dummies

Start here. Wingnut sites claiming local cooling anomalies cherrypicked to refute the pronounced rise in global mean temps in the last century are demonstrably false. It's not comparing Florida to Denver today that is meaningful beyond temporary comfort. It is overall rise in temps that indicate the warming world. Losing glaciers all over the world and the Arctic icepack back this up. Al Gore didn't invent this. Likewise, lack of hurricanes this year and the opposite last are equally less significant. Only those entrapped in the either/or fallacy spin bowl ride think so. Of course these people refute NASA because under Bush they're biased toward global warming belief! Like that test holds up.

And the always pertinent "Hockey Stick" now denialists claim is flawed. It isn't. It's only better.

This Seattle Times piece is particularly good.


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