Saturday, July 17, 2004

Writing Facts Group got their wishes granted and shut down a group I was posting at, but knew nothing about the actual indentity of the moderator. Blipperton's identity is also unknown. That's two unknown entities. I was trying to find out but failed, and now there's no way to know ever. It was alledged from ISP tracking that he was a novelist, David Masiel and writing professor at UC Davis. I don't know. I was only about 85% sure at the time. He would talk to me albeit infrequently, but his goal was to attack the newbie authors at that aforementioned site.

I was banned too, for arguing with Publishamerica shills. (Mike Ditka intro? Yikes.)Insults flew and since only the naive get to use those tactics I got swarmed. This is bound to piss anyone off with a lick of sense. The tactics I don't agree with, but telling some to screw themselves is sometimes necessary. Banning is Orwelian. I can't condone the last tactics that I witnessed at Writing Facts including the hypocritical banning of Mitchell Warren and posting inapproprate picture links attributed to critics. I had nothing to do with it, but make no mistake: groups create their own nightmares. Insult the knowledgable from a position of ignorance and that's what you get. I have no information as to what took place offsite in personal E-mail boxes. Nothing ever came to mine although a mock death threat posted by on writers net by Roy Abrahams qualifies as somewhat less than a term of endearment. Just another novice writer claiming to be more than he is and he followed me to that nut factory of xlrq's whoever he is.


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