Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Banned at Patterico's Pontifications

"Some of you may notice a frequent commenter [me]no longer making comments. I may have more to say on this later and I may not. For now, I will say only that I have decided that I would prefer not to have his comments on my site any more.

I'd like to make a special request of my readers, that you leave no comments mocking this commenter. It doesn't seem fair that others should leave pejorative comments to which he can't respond. I have already edited a couple of comments accordingly."

That's big of you counselor. No doubt prompted by my comment on Mr. Patterico skewing Sen. Byron Dorgan D-North Dakota as ventiloquist's dummy. Is this justified behavior by a native Texan prosecutor for Los Angeles County? Maybe Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn-D San Pedro, should know about this?

Update: Apparently it was Tom Daschle, not Dorgan.


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