Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Fooled Again?

Here's the latest out of context attack on Michael Moore by The Who's Pete Townsend a repentant war supporter. His song We Don't Get Fooled Again was denied for use in Farenheit 9-11 in a pay to play exchange between him, Moore and Miramax aka Harvey Wienstien. Townsend couldn't see the use context in time so he denied use of the song at any price. Here's how he explains why the song was politically incorrect for Moore's purposes.

Once I had an idea what the film was about I was 90% certain my song was not right for them. I believe that in the same email to my publisher and manager that contained this request to see the film I pointed out that WGFA is not an unconditionally anti-war song, or a song for or against revolution. It actually questions the heart of democracy: we vote heartily for leaders who we subsequently always seem to find wanting. (WGFA is a song sung by a fictional character from my 1971 script called LIFEHOUSE. The character is someone who is frightened by the slick way in which truth can be twisted by clever politicians and revolutionaries alike).

Hello? The last line Pete, did you read it? Does this not apply to Bush for heaven's sake?


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