Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Christpher Hitchins a fervent war supporter cites the same lame assertion as all of the conservatives are on the Wilson-Plame-Niger uranium fiasco which this: "The bogus document produced by an Italian con man in October 2002, which has caused such embarrassment, was therefore more like a forgery than a fake: It was a fabricated version of a true bill."

A true bill? Not as far as I can determine it's just more affirming a negative. Iraq was mentioned as a potential customer in an undisclosed document. All we have is an alleged unsubstantiated forgery. Moreover, Hitchens asserts a CIA anti-regime change cabal with the Wilsons in tow. This is wishful thinking at its worst and what we've come to expect from partisan defenders. He may not be one but he's singing the same theme song as near as I can tell. And it's based on leap of faith hope.


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