Friday, July 16, 2004

Wingnut Rants

This is the list of circumstantial ad hominems from Tim the fake name of the pressthink troll. Notice how all of my life is a sign of failure to him and his supporters. What a strange view, but when your position is weak like Tim what is left to do?

According to the Tim-troll:

"This prick thinks he has something important to say because:
- he is descended from people who were alive in the 1600s,
- couldn’t get a college degree,
- couldn’t make it as a carpenter
- couldn’t make it as an actor
- couldn’t rise above entry level government work (GS-4/5),
- couldn’t get published so he published himself through a vanity press,
- got an A in logic class (brags about it anyway, but labels everything inappropriately as ad hominem circumstantial), and
- he’s accomplished so little by the ripe old age of 51!
- But now that he’s in J-school and might graduate in December of this year, he’s got creds!"

Let's dissect this attack.

1. I descend from liberal patriots who founded the country. That's more than just "being alive in the 1600s."

2. I'm getting a college degree. I could have gotten one if I'd chosen to at the time. I didn't, but not because I couldn't cut it mentally as implied.

3. I was a carpenter for years (yesterday I visited L.L. Bean in Freeport where I worked on the new store in the late '80s) and am still in good standing in the Carpenter's Union. I worked for Bechtel.

4. He says I couldn't rise above entry level goverment work. Since entry level is GS-3, and I was a 5 at both the biological tech series and the professional fishery biologist series that isn't quite true. I suspect had I been a 11, he would say no 12 no credential. It's the Wizard of Oz defense: the bar keeps moving up at the hand of the adversary, who isn't even on the chart himself!

5. See below. I just got an A in logic from Santa Barbara City College's online college from Mark McIntire. Ask him if necessary.

6. Couldn't get published.I didn't try to get my personal memoirs published traditionally. I may yet, but memoirs of unfamiliar faces are difficult sales. Most fail short of scandal, which is infamy and salable from a publisher's standpoint. I tried an experiment and decided it didn't work for anyone who tries this including me. I control all rights to my books and can republish them traditionally later on. If, I can find a market for it from my current work in the traditional publishing pipeline. Had I already done so, the sales figures (always too low for authors save a few) would be used against my worth. This is also common troll tactics.

7. Even when, or if, (I am graduating from CSUN) I graduate, it won't matter because my record of failure and lack of credibility is irretrievable from history, (accomplished so little)and besides I'm just too old.(ripe old age of 51!) I can't know anything. In essence, a complete ad hominem and circumstantial ad hominem attack.

One thing blog trolls can do is link to other blogs that they can build an out of context argument from. It's classic sidestepping propaganda. Really from their position in quicksand what else can they do? Too cowardly to post their own credentials yet quick to use others for ad hominen attacks it's a typical tactic.

It wouldn't matter what the credentials of their adversaries were, as we can see, a Ph.D, and there are a majority of liberal professors and think-tankers who have them, makes little difference to conservative pundits on the internet, or anywhere, yet anti-expert bias takes the baton here from the circumstantial ad hominem of credentials not being enough i.e. I haven't received a degree yet, and have vanity press books so anything I say has no merit, because if it did I'd have risen higher in the food chain of education and business, thus the 12 years as a biologist, and 120 credits of college training mean nothing. It's an attack by circumstance. They have one for all seasons with no off time. As a last resort they call you a troll for participating in the debate and complain to moderators who wimpily come their rescue.

I guess they can't stand to watch the slaughter? How convenient. Being banned from these forums and blog comments is a badge of honor. Mostly losers are the regulars and as they have said, "aren't nice people."

I'm moving on to other things.


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