Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Kimmel Ticketed in Hailey

Late night host and avid fly fisherman Jimmy Kimmel was ticketed by a local Hailey Police officer in August for going 35 mph in a 25. As I pointed out in the Idaho Mountain Express editorial on police actions around the country, they should start with this inane ticket. Most get a warning but the officer knew who it was and decided to get the town $93. Yeah, that's the ticket alright, run a celebrity out of town, small town thinking at its worst.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day

Long summer with weeks of rain and hail. Fought weeds all summer and earned silver status trout friendly lawn from Wood River Land Trust. Fishing has been off in the Wood River due to fire runoff. Hopefully it will clear soon. Silver Creek is starting to produce big rainbows on adult Calibaetis. Finally! Off to Florida in two months for a month. Hope to move to Montana in the spring.
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