Monday, March 02, 2015

New Year

Well, my Maverick Mirage HPX flats boat was fixed but it had other problems that came to light in early February. First, I got it to the island, after days of cold windy weather, fished for an afternoon and ran into solenoid problems. Mechanic fixed that but the problem took four days out of our two week stay. I had a slip at the harbor club on the mainland and had it there when an overnight rain storm almost sank it again. Hosed bilge pump this time, which is why it sank in the first place. Insurance companies won't replace those and they are always the cause of boats sinking. Managed to pump it out manually and now it's back in the shop for two new bilge pumps, one atop the other and each hard wired to a separate battery. Will see how that works in May when we return to the island. An unsinkable Beliezean style Panga skiff is in the offing when the time is right. Fished out of one three days in San Pedro Belize in early January. Pretty stable platform and runs in skinny water well, plus good in rough water. I'm sold. This problem and newly retired meddling neighbors from Minnesota who want communal satellite Internet in our building instead of buying their own make a future change a necessity. It will happen.


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