Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Old Photo From Boy Scouts

I found this by accident. It's our troop 470, Fairfield, Maine pre-50-mile photo. The trip was a disaster. I bailed halfway to take a kid who'd had enough home. I had too. Left to right: Gary Batey; Steven Grover; Forrest Phyllis; Thomas Goodspeed, the only member to beat me to Eagle Scout rank, although four years older; Bruce Knights and myself. Me in 1967. It's photo 1818.

Happy Thanksgiving

It's been a tough fall.Lost my mother at 97. She had a good and long life. Recently I noticed a childhood friend's dad passed away and in his obituary I learned that my friend had also passed away in a homeless shelter in Portland, Maine. He was 58. Just a shame to have a family and have that kind of premature demise. But we are well and look forward to more years of love, fun and adventure in that order. May everyone have that kind of luck.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Good Review

Nice review of Warm Front by Barton Levenson.
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The Environmental Webring
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