Sunday, May 30, 2010

Publishing, Reports of Thy Demise Are Premature, Still

Garrison Keillor laments in a syndicated op-ed, no small old fashioned feat in its own right sans a major name made with the written word, and with it reveals his epic ignorance of just how bad the so-called new paradigm of publishing really is. What the master of homespun wisdom doesn't realize is that nearly all of it is crap, its authors incompetent boobs without a clue about anything Keillor learned before he would write for The New Yorker. Nor will they. Instant in. Instant out. Online publication is the road to nowhere and 14 readers who all had to pay you to get a copy of your overpriced print on demand book that shouldn't have been printed in the first place. We agree on that. Nothing has changed. Nor will it.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hide the Incline

Easterbrook's projection. It's fitting that this band of Heartland Institute frauds blatantly do what they accuse real climate scientists of doing: Faking graphs and editing data to bolster their case. They don't have a case and thus need fraud to make it. Busted.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Night of the Jack-booted Thugs

University of Virginia should fight the Va. attorney general's inquiry (Against Dr. Michael Mann)

Maybe Massachusetts should launch a similar investigation against Richard Lindzen? He's the one taking grants to do junk climate science while taking oil industry money to deny the science of global warming, which is a fact. Talk about double dipping. Mann's work stands. No number of Jack-booted right winger cops can change that Inconvenient Truth.


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