Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dems Debate

Well, I thought Hillary kicked butt tonight! Obama strikes me as a very untested newbie. He's the easiest target for wingers to exploit as a peacenik, without a defensive leg to stand on. I maintain were it not for his ethnicity, he couldn't get the time of day. He's recent smoker, so I don't buy his health practices knowledge either. Congratulating himself for giving nice speeches is the sound of one hand patting his own back. Very tacky. The reporters and pundits are just blinkered by his mediocrity.

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Coal: Half of America's Power

The coal lobby is active on CNN with a series of plugs for the ecomomy of coal. They fail to mention the destruction of the atmosphere, climate and our fisheries from mercury poisoning.

Coal: It's what's Cooking our Goose!

Oh yeah and Futuregen touted by this cheerleading group, was cancelled. Texas may get a clean coal plant? Right. Applicable word is "may."


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Galactic Cosmic Ray Theory: Not!

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The Environmental Webring
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