Friday, November 30, 2007

No Hard Questions Please

GOP sniing and softballing was upset by planted opponents? Gee lets keep the audience friendly, lest something hard be asked for these rich boys. CNN did a bad enough job choosing questions dominated by idiots and the only two that were tough, based on staunch positions on of course sex, a long time Republican hang up, are in question? Did they think all the voter questions would come from registered Republican voters? Give me a break.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grist Sponsors Presidential Forum

Grist Sponsors Presidential Forum. I was there sitting with CNN as it were. Good presentation and I give the highest marks to Hillary. Edwards and Kucinich reached too far in fighting world poverty, which makes real problem solving on global warming by rich countries and China look like it's in the realm of the Miss America pagent. Don't bite off too much. Just get something viable. And soon.

Although only three candidates showed up, others who propose things like carbon taxes for everyone on a gallon of gas are losing proposals in my view. We have enough poor people taxes as it is. What we need are corporate penalties for not producing the same dirty coal and gas and credits for converting to green energy. Carbon credits. Only then we get them from free market capitalism. The beauty of this system is it can be directed to produce any damn thing we need. It just needs a little nudge. A truly green eccomony will be the result and profits will soar from helping insdtead of hurting our home. We can do this.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Swiftboat Implosion

So conservative publisher Regnery is ripping off the writers who carry their BS water. As a writer, it seems like all of us are ripped off to a point, if you can get anything at all, but for this bunch, it's chickens meet roost. You know what they say, lay down with dogs, get fleas, or something of that sort. I mean. Of course there's always Publishamerica. If there was ever an outfit with the same family values...


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