Monday, April 02, 2007

Environment Today

Historic day at the Supreme Court on CO2. We've come a long way baby so look for less denailist drivel. This deal is settled now. Let's fix it while we still can.

But not so fast: On behalf of President Bush, thank you for writing about your concern regarding the President’s recent decision to allow the Secretary of the Interior to modify the leasing status of the North Aleutian Basin of Alaska, known as Bristol Bay.

Allowing lease sales in Bristol Bay will help reduce our dependence on imported sources of energy by increasing access to domestic sources of oil and gas and will also increase the revenues the Federal Government collects from oil and gas companies on behalf of the American taxpayer. The President made the modification with support from Congress and State leaders. Please be assured that lease sales in this area will only occur following a public process that thoroughly studies environmental impacts and provides for public examination, review, and comment.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Whatever oil there is, it pales compared to the fishery. Remember fish can last forever. Oil never will, and it inperils our existence. Easy choice.



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