Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Gore Hypocrisy Charge

Is false because one of the reasons Gore's electric bill is higher is because he buys green energy which costs more. In the future it won't, and in addition local building codes make solar construction more difficult. That will change too. Sen. Imhofe made a ridiculous spectacle of himself at the hearing. The man is stuck on stupid.

Update: Gore completely refuted the false sunspot theory proffered by Kit Bond as an either/or false analogy. Stratospheric cooling wouldn't be happening if the Sun was the cause. Well done. Tipper nodded in the background. They're both right.



Blogger solarity said...

"Tipper nodded in the background."

Ah yes, when the noted climatologist "Tipper" nods her approval, the question most certainly is settled.

Mark, your remarkable inability to separate your politics from science is why the entire GW debate is becoming increasingly laughable day-by-day. The lefties have such a vested interest in "proving" this nonsense that they can no longer even spell scientific skepticism, much less practice it in their professions.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I allowed this to illustrate the ignorance of so-called critics of global warming. Tipper knew as di her husband that this a was a good answer scientifically. As do I.

I didn't make this political: Right wing deniers like you did. What I have on my side are facts. The point here since you missed it is were it sunspots or cosmic rays the stratosphere would be heating as well. It isn't. Proposition proven. Game set match.

9:33 AM  

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