Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lillian Doris Robbins 1914-2007

My longtime neighbor and good friend of my mother Lillian "Lil" Robbins has died. I've known her all of my life and two years ago took my dad to visit when I was home. She was very active and enjoyed living in her home on our street, Military Ave. in Fairfield, Maine. Her husband Harold was a hard drinking gregarious character, a former poultry inspector for the state and town council member. He died some time ago from smoking, among other things. She retired comfortably from Hathaway Shirt Co. now retired in its own right.

Like my own timeless mother, Norma Colburn, Mrs. Robbins still had a young girl's optimism and cheerfulness into her '90s. I don't think there's any question, as Tom Brokaw wrote, this is the greatest generation. They endured things we can't even imagine.



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