Monday, November 06, 2006


One thing is certain at Wikipedia: no matter what one does to bias an article any attempt at correction will meet with fierce opposition. Moreover, the chronic violators will bait you into a fight where in relativistic world only your response will be the main event, and, like all forums a woman administrator will come along and ban you for incivility and breaking the Wikiharmony even when the record shows you were name-called and pissed on verbally for weeks on end. Give me a break.

Repeated reverts and screams of POV for trying to maintain a neutral point of view (supposedly a policy there) fall on biased tin ears. The latest fray is the Iran-Iraq War. As s member of the history team there I've written many articles. This area is not my favorite and has a history of Pro-Iranian bias due to well, two young Iranian zealots who dredge up US only involvement and instigations. Jimmy Carter started the war and everything would have been tea and hookahs were it not for us the evil Satan Americans. All attempts to mediate this sordid affair have failed. I've been banned for so-called "bullying the punk" into signing a voluntary mediation. They decided I only wanted to punish the little shit. Well guess what? I sure do now. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy you Wikimorons.

There now will be a formal arbitration. I'll report what happens there on content dispute if we can get beyond personalities which I doubt. Voluntary hearings are useless as my experience with LA county Animal Control can attest. As usual the violator just blows them off and continues to break the law. Until something terminal is arranged heh heh and I have in both instances.

Like all forum-mentality Internet affairs it's run by forum Nazis who always punish the wrong side and then what you have left is worthless to anyone with a brain. It's either Al Jazeera or FOX News which by the way I was accused of aligning with. Isn't that a switch! Just tag the articles "Biased" (and luckily they do) and forget about it. Refer to a real encyclopedia. One with real editors because this thing ain't it by a long shot. Forumization, pro-foreigner and extreme left-wing bias is why.


Blogger Zack Shutt said...

Don't like Wikipedia? Don't use it Mark.

When I saw the title of this post I knew right off the bat you'd be banned again. Wikipedia is just the kind of thing people like you fuck up.

You, my friend, are a true troll.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

You are an fucking shill troll idiot. I use Wikipedia to make it better and safe from nutball shills like you. Why don't you go play in traffic you little Utah shithead? I recommend Temple and Main. Lay down and pray. See if anyone answers. Go fuck yourself and stay away from my book sites or I'll fuck you up like I did before. Fuck off and die.

9:11 PM  

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