Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Terrorists Aren't Created Equal

"McVeigh is sometimes called a terrorist, but he's the exception. Eric Rudolph never is."

As DaveL said in this thread at Making Light where I've been banned civil discussion or not, this is patently false, Rudolph is indeed but even that is beside the point, which is this: Is it useul to conflate the handful of domestic right-wing "terrorists" with the large number (and this description comes with its own limits) of Middle Eastern Islamic varities promoting Sharia law absolutism at gunpoint? I say it isn't. It's a false comparision. No one is denying the KKK et al. It just isn't useful to use that to absolve a completely different element.

What would the local redneck "terrorists" in London look like? I'm betting they wouldn't be conservative, white, and Christian. Herein lies the problem.


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