Saturday, November 11, 2006

Memories of the Death Factory

November 1944 was a month in hell. Hell in the Hurtgen Forest . In three weeks time they lost 35,000 men. In the end they didn't know who was left or was dead, since so many green replacements kept having to fill in. Well, my father was left; so was Col. Buck Lanham, and Ernest Hemingway. Long before it was over it was known as The Death factory.

The full story of the 22nd Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division, the Ivy League, hasn't yet been told on film. The 28th was portrayed in When Trumpets Fade. I highly recommend it. Telling the story of the 22nd is my current job. It's one hell of an outfit to write about. I think they saved the best for last. For me to tell.


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