Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The "Smoking" Gun

It's Russian Roulette really and the evidence shows most smoked right up to diagnosis just like GM despite what he and his attack squad came here to say. They're flat wrong and in denial. They'd rather blame me for their ignorance. I mean who wouldn't? The evidence against them however, is clear.
"I am a survivor of Non-small cell large cell CA of the lung; stage IIIa . I was diagnosed in February of 2005. I quit smoking 4 months before I found out I had cancer. I had no symptoms just found out via a routine chest x-ray. Have I started back smoking? NO, and I won't either! I realize I have cancer due to the fact I made poor choices regarding smoking for 30 years; Cancer was my reward........! I want to spend the rest of my life enjoying my family and also speaking out about making the choice not to smoke; and quitting if you do! I do feel that my chances for surviving will be greater if I do not start smoking again! It's a death sentence!"
She's right, and Roper, as usual, is wrong. There can be a cure for cancer in some cases, albeit temporary, but there's none for denial.


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