Monday, June 19, 2006

Warmest Ever

Warm World

And this screed which wingervillains are touting everywhere to slam Al Gore is written by an engineer from a PR firm. Whoo ahhh!

Gotta love those Canadians, and Ozzies who think that fringe geologists and economists know more about climate science than NASA.

As I've said Gore got it right. Showing he was a liberal arts student at Harvard has no bearing on it. He isn't applying for a job as a climate scientist at NASA where that would indeed be a problem. I work for the feds so I know the kind of educational scrutiny personnel go into even over a seasonal job. It's an irrelevant conclusion, since most conservative columnists didn't graduate at all. See John Fund and James Taranto as examples of this.

Tim Lambert eviscerates the article by this PR shill better than I. The bottomline is this: they employ propaganda tactics to obscure the truth. That's a lie where I come from. Don't listen to them. Only idiots believe this crap.


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