Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bush Lied

The following letter has been submitted via the OpinionJournal article response feature.
Contents of response as follows:

Name: Mark A. York
E-mail: mark_y48@msn.com
City/State: Sunland, CA
Date: Tue, June 13th, 2006

Re: Correcting the Hayden Record

It seems the objection is for Hayden telling the truth about something. In this case the bogus Al Qaeda/Iraq partnership to hear some tell it, and that group includes the president, especially the Feithdom at Defense at the time. I have no doubt Bush believed it because he believes what he wants about everything even when it bares little resemblance to reality. Any objective scan will find plenty of evidence for this trend.

No, your objections, and Senator Kyle's are that the truth is closer to what Senator Levin is saying than yours. The CIA analysts reported how dubious these so-called connections were, yet they were ignored in favor of the longest shot which was the favored view. This was hyped and pumped into the American airwaves and collective conciousness. It wasn't real. That may not be out-and-out lying, but it's misinformation at the very least.

As the line goes, "You can't handle the truth."


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