Monday, November 22, 2004

Forest Circus

Nice story at the LA Times that has been a long time in the making from the dates of the sources in it, some dating back to 2000 before I worked for the Lassen National Forest in 2001. I don't know what bears have to do with it though? I just completed a piece of equal length based on SoCal forests, but it met with dazed eyes from beta readers of college age.

"Too technical," they said of my work.

This piece by Lee Green doesn't look deep enough into the details of the Healthy Forests Intitiative that allow old trees to be taken even near towns dead or not, but mostly, unfortunately, they are dead. The piece advocates no logging at all and quotes those who suport that view. That would be the radical view opposed in the "he said she said" journalistic paradigm by Dale Bosworth Forest Service Chief, a forester on the opposite pole. The conclusion is that the agency is incompetent and self-interested. Of course it is, but how can we get them to change? I doubt this is the way, with a predictable story that will be branded liberal and discarded. We can do better.


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