Saturday, November 13, 2004

California Reporter

Attempts to inject good sense into the masses at pressthink.

I reported the Ohio vote story. While there is no smoking gun of fraud like the accusations in blogworld left, there are disturbing tactics by Blackwell. I would also say there were no Diebold machines used in Ohio.

Today in Columbus there are hearings taking testimonies from agrieved voters and there will be an investigation into the spoilage on 93,000 votes from democratic counties only. The same spoilage pattern happened in New Mexico and reported by Greg Pallast.

As for the assault on the Times, one hopes they don't parrot the administration hacks and dig deeper. What they teach in J-school these days is get away from the predictable official line and stay away from the fringy radicals. Both are completely predictable he said she said paradigm staples. The theories reported in the Times' article were debunked. That's the story that will get little play at Bopnews where they remain hopeful.

What readers want is the truth, not the truth they want. The job is to find it.


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