Thursday, November 11, 2004


Mencken make s agood point about Steven Hayes's babbling over mdia conspiracies at pressthink with a Wizard of OZ ending.

"Wilson's charges have since been thoroughly discredited and the author of The Politics of Truth revealed as unreliable."

I dispute this assertion. The fact that Plame was asked about her husband by superiors is a straw man. Why wouldn't they? Recommended or asked? This is typical of the "twisting in the wind" conservative viewpoint upheld in the conservative press of which Hayes is a player.

This great discovery was "buried by the press he says. Volia! Proof of bias! Anybody that fixates on these irrelevant facts is on the run from the truth. That's what the election really said about America. They will wake up. Poppies...Poppies...Sink deeper...just a little deeper. Sleep...sleep. There's a good child.


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