Saturday, November 06, 2004

Stay In Iraq

Get a load of this logic path by the conservative student on my paper.

"The presence of American forces is what keeps them from killing each other," writes Robert McDonald a member of the Anglo-Saxon tribe. [yes that will make them feel better]

“They would be at each other’s throats in no time,” said Monica, an Iranian-American who has worked extensively with Iraqis and prefers not to give her last name. “Without the Americans, the Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis would stake out their own territory. The war would probably cause more deaths than the Iran-Iraq war.”

Some casualty estimates of the Iran-Iraq war are as high as one million deaths.

“The Americans are hated by everybody, and, oddly enough, that keeps Iraqis from remembering to kill each other,” Monica said. “Every once in a while a Shiite mosque will be bombed but that’s about all. The Americans have replaced (Hussein) as the boot on the neck of the Iraqi people.”

I believe the United States should remain in Iraq as long as it is necessary for a new democratic government to be established that will be able to survive on its own. If we leave now, then we may be sparking the beginning of a civil war that could lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

This may mean far more killing could happen in Iraq if we leave than if we stay."

We virtually guaranteed a civil war by following the same path as Churchill that led to Hussein, a local boy. I'm still trying to recall which candidate for president said to leave immediately. I only remember one having a plan that had a chance of working and it wasn't Bush. Stay forever? As a target of hatred? What a plan.


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