Sunday, July 18, 2004

Publishamerica Contract

While I got PA (Publishamerica) to cry uncle on my contract, many more can't get out or fight a legal battle against the barely legal, but nevertheless deceptive scam. The anonymous publishing insider HapiSofi eviscerates the contract on my first-banned site Absolutewrite. Well, second since I was first banned at the Publishamerica forum in just one day for issuing a warning against the vanity print on demand company masqeurading as a real publisher. They aren't. But legal foundation notwithstanding, deceptive advertising is the claim I made about them at the Federal Trade Commission. I never could convey this concept to most of the duped authors who fought me with self-blame and victim remorse. I was accused of being insane by this remorseful PA author many times, who confesses here, and banned from all boards by popular demand even while I battled PA shills in an ongoing flamewar. I lost.

The author advocates of Writer Beware didn't fully accept the FTC complaint concept either, but still warn others off successfully. It's an ongoing effort. Complaints are the key. Many have since taken my advice, so I had some effect at least.


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