Friday, July 30, 2004

Fog of History

I recommend this article by my current Arnold Expedition book nemesis Dr. Thomas Desjardin. Myth tends to perpetuate when the historical narative lends itself to the misinformation of the writers of it. "We're not getting the whole truth," media detractors say repeatedly. That's true. It's up to us the readers, journalists and historians to to get it right. That's what I tried to do with my ancestor's role in the expedition to Quebec. Major Reuben Colburn had been maligned by past accounts that, in my investigation of five years for the book and screenplay, primary sources didn't support. I set the record straight. Pity that no one in publishing wants to hear it from me.

"You've done your homework," an agent recently said in a rejection letter, "but in the current glutted history market I can't sell this." Outgunned by a doctorate is the translation. Maybe the truth versus myth had something to do with that. I only provided the former.


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