Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Delegates Are Extras

Columnist Walter Shapiro, whom I've personally never read, just said this on C-Span. "Why talk to them," he said. He watched it in a bar near Harvard since it's a "television event" some say. As former union extra myself, I don't find it valid but I guess they, the delegates, are paying supporters per se. Thus a vanity press opinion like most of the bloggers. The bloggers are not reporters, they're just a freak show attraction at the event. For the mostpart they hate the conventions and laugh at the process. I disagree. The process IS important and the speeches last night were superb. The critique and counter offering by Presidents Clinton and Carter were devastating to the illogical ideologues that are the opposition. The choice is clear as Clinton illustrated with great panache. Bring it on.


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