Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Liberal Times

Decent defense and analysis by Okrent. "Of course it is," he says.

"But if you're examining the paper's coverage of these subjects from a perspective that is neither urban nor Northeastern nor culturally seen-it-all; if you are among the groups The Times treats as strange objects to be examined on a laboratory slide (devout Catholics, gun owners, Orthodox Jews, Texans); if your value system wouldn't wear well on a composite New York Times journalist, then a walk through this paper can make you feel you're traveling in a strange and forbidding world."

On cultural and editorial areas it has to be since that is where the sound-thinking leads. Reporting news is another matter. There media bias critics need a bigger thinking cap. Being a government stenographer leads to embarrassment. Just ask Judith Miller.

On to the convention. I'm not going. The pay for bloggers isn't good.


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