Monday, July 26, 2004

Vanity Blues

I fell on my sword all over the net about the uselessness of POD vanity published books. Yet, these authors, and I use the term loosely just as I do with bloggers and Journalists, such as this gentleman continue to think they're published by microscopic small POD publishers, and Christian publishers when in fact they're really not even on the charts. Dupebility is the key factor in all of this. Interestingly enough this writer's numbers are better for his PA book than the second one that was so-called traditionally published. That's not usually the way it goes.

Book reviewers save for Midwest Book Review don't review these books. Newspapers generally don't except in a local author writes book aspect. It's sad. This man called me a huge boor for saying this. He's not made it as a writer. Most of us haven't, which is the norm not a slam on him. Without this realization one will never actually be a writer of note.

Or one at all.


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