Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Left Livingston part deux

Since I've received attacks from some folks on the left and right about my recent separation from The Enterprise , allow me to clarify. First,an agent is reading my novel. Second, I have started working on a group biography of the Montana Bloomsbury group, and a full-time reporter job had become increasingly difficult to manage time-wise. I have bigger things going than worrying daily about virtually nonexistent local news in the wake of the election. And as I mentioned before, the economics and advancement opportunities just weren't there, nor would they ever be by my boss's own admission, so like the last four reporters I took it as long as I could and moved on. End of story.

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Blogger Richard S. Wheeler said...

Last summer, Mark York began with the local newspaper. He swiftly added maturity to a paper that had usually been staffed by twenty-somethings, and he was front-paged almost daily. He brought remarkable insight into this small town's culture, politics, ideals, and social milieu.

He was particularly interested in the film people, television personalities, artists, authors, and musicians who congregate here, and he wrote fine material about people such as novelist Tom McGuane, screenwriter William Hjortsberg, and novelist Jim Harrison, as well as many others. He rightly calls this the Bloomsbury of American literature.

I am pleased to read that he is working on a book drawn from his experience here, and wish him every success. It is bound to be a fine book, written by a discerning student of literature and human nature.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Thanks Richard. I enjoyed meeting you in Livingston and again at the festival in Missoula, finally meeting and chatting with Tom McGuane, and attending his afternoon reading with Bill Kittredge. It was quite a summer and fall.

With a better, kinder boss I'd still be there, pulling a rabbit out of my wool hat every day as best I could, that wasn't to be.

I've written a proposal for that book, and am engaged in reading the works of the writers to be in it. That's my homework. I'm forging ahead with my second novel, with the first in an agent's hands now.

I've employed your advice on the second, reintroducing the characters so the book can stand alone.

Your memoir is amazing. You've done a staggering amount of legendary work in western and historical fiction under incredible duress, with more fine work to come.

It's a legendary place and one I hope to own land in someday. I hope you pipes didn't freeze, though.

We'll meet again.

5:30 AM  

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