Monday, August 28, 2006

The Sceptic Conundrum

In the Landsea et al. (2006) paper of which you were a coauthor, you state that in the North Atlantic there has been no trend in hurricane characteristics from 1960 to the present; a statement I might add, deplete of numbers or graphs. Yet, if one compares the average annual tropical storm characteristics between the two periods 1944-1964 and 1995-2005 one finds 50% more named storms, 37% more hurricanes, 167% more category 4+5 storms, 55% greater ACE, and 63% greater PDI. So I worry considerably about a reanalysis from someone who is party to this complete misrepresentation of what occurred in the North Atlantic in the last 40 years.
Peter Webster of Georgia Tech Asks Karl Horarau who apparently co-authored the Chris Landsea 2006 paper reveled in by conservatives on numbers and intensities of hurricanes. Views that don't match up with measured documented reality are problematic indeed. And ultimately invalid.


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