Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Science Muddles While Refuters Fuddle

In fact, this is one place in which the intelligent-design people have a point. It is unfathomable that complex life forms evolved in tiny increments over time through random mutation and natural selection — that our ancestors are bacteria and our siblings are fish. We know it happened nonetheless because we have multiple lines of evidence: the fossil record, DNA, morphology, embryology and so on. (We even see evolution in action right in front of our noses. If we couldn’t, we wouldn’t be worrying about bird flu

K.C. Cole formerly of the LA Times on reporting science and the stonewalling egos of editors. Now I know why I can't get an editor to hire me as a reporter for being a scientist all these years. They don't want a smarter man in the room. I doubt she would have written this as an employee.


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