Friday, July 21, 2006


I certainly don't understand the sci-fi fantasy writing community. They are close knit and very cliquey. Peggy Noonan would find as little purchase there as at realclimate, although I would like the latter to set her straight after yesterday's assault on science which she clearly has no knowledge of. Teresa Nielsen Hayden, TOR sci-fi editor, finally banned my IP address today from Making Light. I never would have gone back had I not been linked through Wikipedia to a long defamatory diatribe of which I was the focus and she and her minions the purveyors of hate.

Showing up to defend myself a month later brought out the guard hounds. Or are they flying monkeys? Yes. Monkeys "my pretty" are more appropriate. When a group ridicules an man behind his back, then can't comprehend the outrage when discovered, it's very telling as to their insight. I finally told them to shove it in no uncertain terms and was disemvoweled, then banned firming up the correlation between these two Puritanical staples. As a "Jack Mormon" Nielsen Hayden should know about those tactics. Consider this response by a regular.

You really are a big fish in a little pond. There's a whole ocean out there. Feel free make use of it.

To which another commented:

"The extinction of all aquatic species isn't really something to which I look forward to."

And then:

"Fragano: Let's hope so. A Fgrcura Oynpx on the local Faerie throne would not go amiss."

God I hate it when that happens, but what the hell is it?

They're commenting about a fisheries biologist who dedicated his life to restoring fisheries. Obviously clueless about who I am and what I do even though the truth was a click away. Too much work for a fantasyphile I suppose. The group can pile on attacks and insults and the victim can't fight back. That's forumland in a nutshell, because that is exactly what they are: Nuts in hollow shells.

Update: It remains ugly and even uglier. I've been called ugly by this. Yikes. Teresa says I need psychological help. I think she needs instruction in unbiased reporting. Refusing to consider contrary evidence such as who insulted whom first are the tactics of wingnuts. I guess any partisan group can resort to this to avoid self-incrimination. truth is tough; messengers are killed. It's been that way since humans first walked bipedally.


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